We're upgrading! We'll be opening our new, larger location in the Georgian Mall this July! Follow us on social media to keep up to date on the latest Vertex VR news.


Vertex VR is Barrie's premiere virtual reality lounge. Designed to accommodate various VR experiences and hardware, we offer new ways of play for all types of players.


We offer a wide range of virtual reality experiences - from gaming, tourism, art, education and more. Hop into one of our room scale booths or experience our unique motion simulators. Whether you're an experienced VR user or never tried it at all, we have a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy.



Come step into a new reality! Whether it's a night out with friends and family, date night, or hanging out solo, we've got you covered.

Each VR play space offers an HTC Vive, two hand controllers and headphones.



30 Minutes   |   $16

60 Minutes   |   $26


10 Minutes*   |   $14

20 Minutes*   |   $24

Sessions can be booked in advance. Walk-in sessions are welcome, just refer to our FAQ.

For group pricing to accommodate larger sizes or for private events - contact us.

*Please allow 5-10 minutes extra for motion simulator walkthrough.


Monday - Wednesday                                Bookings Only

Thursday                                                         4 pm - 11 pm

Friday                                                               4 pm - 12 am

Saturday                                                       10 am - 12 am

Sunday                                                            12 pm - 8 pm

Interested in booking a VR session? Let's chat:



What payments do you accept?

You can either pay online via PayPal or in person in which we prefer credit and debit.

Is the lounge 'kid friendly'?

Yup! We offer content that is suitable to younger players. Content that is not suited for children must be pre-approved by the parent before use.

Due to VR health safety and for optimal VR experience, we enforce a minimum age of 10 years old.

Children 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult. 

I wear glasses, am I doomed?

The HTC Vive headsets we use have support for people who wish to wear their glasses inside the headset, however, depending on the frame size, it may pose some comfort issues. We've found most people that normally wear glasses had little issue without them in the headsets.

For a more comfortable experience, we do recommend wearing contacts if possible.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you wish to cancel your booked session, we require 48 hours notice in order to receive a full refund. after that, there are no refunds.

Do you offer gift cards?

We offer both physical and digital gift cards. The link for digital gift cards is on this page. For physical cards, visit Vertex VR and feel free to add any amount to the card.

What if I'm late?

If you're late for your scheduled time, depending by the margin, you can continue at your booked time but any late time will not be compensated. Otherwise, we will do our best to reschedule to any open time slots that same day.

If nothing is available on that day, you are responsible for the cost of the session without refund.

When should I arrive for my booking?

We suggest arriving 10 minutes before your session for preparation and to maximize your time.

Can I share my booth?

For sure! When you visit Vertex VR, your time is paid by the booth, not per person, so feel free to share your time. Keep in mind, the more people you have in a single booth, the less play time everyone will get since there is only 1 headset per booth.

We generally recommend max 3 per booth to maximize each players play time.

If you'd like more than one booth after you arrive, so long as there is not another customer waiting, you are more than welcome to pay for a time extension or a second booth.

Just inquire with our staff and we'll make the necessary arrangements.

Do you accept walk-in's?

Totally! Please note that we will prioritize customers that have booked in advance, but if a booth is available, you're more than welcome to use it. We will do our best to accommodate everyone.

Do you guys have ______ game?

While we do offer a wide assortment of games and experiences and are always adding more, we love to hear which games you are interested in that we may not have.

Please keep in mind, we do get requests for some games that, while we would love to have, we can not legally offer as part of our service (eg. Fallout 4 VR, Skyrim VR, etc.) as they do not allow commercial use. Some other games are also bound to other platforms that we do not utilize (Robo Recall is Oculus exclusive for example).